Dave Weishoff

Vice President – Production


Mr. Weishoff is the Vice President of Production for Kraken Oil & Gas.  He joined Kraken in October of 2016 as a Sr. Production Engineer. He was promoted to VP of Production in January of 2019.  Since starting in 2016, Kraken’s production has grown from 3,500 gross barrels of oil per day to approximately 50,000 gross barrels of oil per day from the Bakken shale in the Williston Basin.  


Prior to Kraken, Mr. Weishoff worked with Continental Resources in the Bakken as a Sr. Production Engineer.  He played an integral part in CLR’s testing and development of flowback and artificial lift optimization and strategies within a multiple discipline team.  Mr. Weishoff also spent 2 ½ years working as a Senior Production Foreman in charge of workovers, chemical program, and starting a failure tracking program.


Mr. Weishoff was raised and graduated high school in Ray, ND.  He earned a B.S. degree in Petroleum engineering from Montana Tech.